Make way for a menagerie of forest critters as they present a zoological spectacle of climatic proportions. ‘The Real’ Smokey Bear, Hooty the Owl and Bennie Bark Beetle present masterful acts of anthropocene mockery. Humanfolk both young and old, bear your teeth, clap your paws and roll around in the dirt as you objectify and cackle like coyotes at the cute vitriol of your animal friends as they present ‘Where Do We Go From Here’!

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This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, through
the Upstate California Creative Corps program as well as individual members of
Antic In A Drain’s Patreon Community.

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Conceived and Written by: Ross Travis

Devised and Created by: Ross Travis and Ronlin Foreman

Directed by: Ronlin Foreman

Costume Design: Lydia Foreman

Mask Design: Ronlin Foreman

Prop and Puppet Design: Ronlin Foreman and Lydia Foreman

Sound Design: Jon Steinmeier

Bark Beetle Set Design and Fabrication: John Ives and Steve Watson

EV Bike Expert and Project Angel: Brandon Gilbert Buckles

Graphic Design: Ronlin Foreman and Jeff Raab

Documentary Filmography and Photography: Steve Ritchie

Technical and Engineering Advisors for Bark Beetle: Lyra Levin – Smilee of Barnacle Brothers – Joseph Woodsin

Show Rehearsal and Beetle Build Residencies: Special thanks to Flynn Creek Circus and Yarrow of Greenfield Ranch

Grant Proposal Recommenders: Andres Lin Fan – Judy Finelli – Steve Smith – James Sant

Listening Tour Interviewees and Research Partners: Alicia ‘Littletree’ Bales and the Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) – Steve Jahelka and Hendy Woods State Park – Greg Guisti – Sara Rose – Elise Ferrarese of Trout Unlimited – Gary Hansen – Larry Domenighini – U’ilani Wesley, Monique Sonoquie and Julie Dakin of Xa Kako Dile


Ross Travis

Executive Producers

Wendy Parkman
John Rogers
Brad Post
Judith Travis
Brandon Gilbert Buckles
Forrest Deuth

Community Partners

Arts Council of Mendocino: Alyssum Wier – Lake County Arts Council: Barbara Clark – Larry Spring Museum – Casper Community Center – Cobb – Anderson Valley Brewing Company – Colusa County Arts Council: Daniel LoPilato – Nevada County Arts Council

Generously Funded and Made Possible by the Following Organizations

California Arts Council
Upstate California Creative Corps
E-Bike Marketplace
Go Journey Rides

And Antic in a Drain’s Patreon Community

Collin Slavey – Edna Mira Raia – Rebecca Longworth – Ramuné Rastonis – Shannon McKenna – Tom Connolly – Melanie Pflaster – ZBRayburn – Nik Kanter – Sethward – Karen Liu – Brett and Kit Studholme – Nancy Spillane – Karen Thomson Hall – Michael Greco – Featherpistol – John Rogers – Wendy Parkman – Judith Travis – Samson Y Hiss – Jesse Travis – Tarwin Stroh-Spijer

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