Prepare to be overwhelmed to flabbergastion as you see incredible feats of dexterity, sophistication and objectification unlike anything you’ve seen from our primate ancestors before. This isn’t your run of the mill animal show here, folks — no sir, you are in for something special! Behold the brilliance of Mister Magnificent and Charles the Chimp as they enslave your sympathy with a frivolous display of crowd pleasing entertainments and skills including Chinese pole, hoop diving and audience interaction. Then let them captivate you with taboo acts of subjugation!

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“Amazes with an acrobatic, darkly funny show! No monkey biz! 4 out of 5 Stars”
– Todd James, Global News

“Ross Travis becomes Charles the monkey so completely that you will forget that there is a man onstage”
– Jason Broadfoot, Plank Magazine

“The Greatest Monkey Show On Earth challenges perceptions about primal and civilized behavior, freedom and captivity and our often-forgotten relationship to primates. Ross has a captivating repertoire of circus skills and engages the audience in surprising ways.”
– Debórah Eliezer, Co-Artistic Director,  foolsFURY Theater

“What impressed me about the work is the consistent physicality and commitment to character. The work is hilarious, risky, intelligent, surprising and unexpected.  I used all my senses.”
– Abigail Munn, Founder and Artistic Director,  Circus Bella 

“Visually delightful and emotionally manipulative…I’ve never enjoyed being uncomfortable so thoroughly!”
– Glenn Howe

“The athleticism displayed in The Greatest Monkey Show on Earth is only matched by its insightful social commentary. Ross Travis uses human and animal relations to explore issues of imprisonment, agency, and coercion. The audience will laugh and scream with a smile, but as the lights go down they are left with haunting personal questions.”
– Dillon Slagle

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Devised and Created by: Ross Travis

Directed by: Jaron Hollander

Additional Direction by: Amelia Van Brunt and Noe Zavala

Guidance and Feedback from The Monkey Group: Jamie Coventry, Natasha Kaluza, Rebecca Longworth, Joan Howard, Nicole Gluckstern, Ayla Agarwal, Jory Bell, Katie Whitcraft, Michelle Musser, Deanna Fleysher, Micael Boger, Nathan Holguin, Judy Finelli, Gary Thomsen, Claire Slattery, Basil Fraysse, Allison Fenner, Caroline Parsons, Julie Douglas, Nikolas Strubbe and Stephen Buescher

Costume Design: Kim Haugen, Ross Travis and Amelia Van Brunt

Makeup Design: Kendra Johnson, Ross Travis and Amelia Van Brunt

Sound Design: Ross Travis

Set Design: Ross Travis

Graphic Design: Ayla Agarwal

Photography: Mark Kitaoka and Eric Gillet


Charles the Chimp: Ross Travis

Generously Funded and Made Possible by the Following Individuals:

Gorilla Grandmaster (Executive Producer)

Judith Travis

Mandrill Monarchs

Brett and Kit Studholme, Wendy Parkman, Pamela Rand, Nils Skalin and Stephanie Coombs, Jesse Travis, Nathan Holguin

Chimpanzee Chiefs

Amelia Van Brunt, Elizabeth Bagby, Kyle Gates, Shaun Tucker and Missy Craig, Ayla Agarwal, Kristen Matia, Michael Hoch, Donna Craig

Bonobo Bosses

Chris Johnston, Julie Douglas, Nancy Spillane, Barry Kendall, Emily Harrison, Nikolas Strubbe, Edna Miroslava Raia Barron, Will Howard, Howard and Sharon Henderson, Rebecca Longworth, Erica Saben, Reuben Alvear II, Jamie Coventry and Natasha Kaluza

Monkey Masters

Eileen Tull, Hannah Gaff, Claire Jencks, Sarah Passemar, Juliana Frick, Ava Roy, El Beh, Joan Schirle, Paul Cello, Rachel Carroll, Kimberly Proehl, Midori Kobayashi

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