A satirical sideshow entertainment reflecting the house of mirrors called climate change. Balk at the science, bemoan the social impacts, and scream in horror at the political divide. You’ll find yourself laughing at the grotesque hyperbole, and the fantastically fecund characters bedecked in disdain and hubris. See Mother Earth talk trash to those who bite her tit while suckling her life-giving abundance!


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Conceived by: Ross Travis

Devised and Created by: Ross Travis and Ronlin Foreman

Directed by: Ronlin Foreman

Costume Design: Lydia Foreman

Wings Design: Ecco Pierce (Prototype) Crooked Feather (Final Set)

Mask Design: Ronlin Foreman

Puppet Design: Ronlin Foreman and Genna Beth Davidson

Harpy Feet: Ronlin Foreman (Prototype) Smilee and Barnacle Brothers (Final Set)

Animation Design: Omer Gal

Makeup Design: Ross Travis and Ronlin Foreman

Sound Design: Richard Newman and Jon Steinmeier

Set Design: Ronlin Foreman

Set Painters: Jilleen Ward and Claire Burtner

Lighting Design/Stage Manager: James Sundquist (First Production) Jon Penalver (Tour)

Technical Directors: Aaron Simunovich and Christina Linskey (First Production)

Graphic Design: Ernesto Sopprani and Ayla Bell

Photography: Eric Gillet

House Managers (First Production): Reuben Alvear, Wes Terray and KC Hyland


Ross Travis

Executive Producers

Wendy Parkman
John Rogers
Judith Travis
Jesse Travis

Generously Funded and Made Possible by the Following Organizations

San Francisco Arts Commission
NET/TEN Travel Grant
Puffin Foundation
Intersection for the Arts
Zaccho Dance Theatre

And Individuals

Julie Déziel – Karen and Colin Thomson Hall – Shaun and Missy Tucker – Pamela Rand – Ayla Bell – Juliana Frick – Reuben Alvear – Howard and Sharon Henderson – Edna Barron – Brett and Kitt Studholme – Nancy Spillane – Tara Malpass – David Hunt – Ramunė Rastonis – Siga Rastonis, Vasare Rastonis – Teresa Sumiyoshi – Nettie Lane – Jilleen Ward – Doug, Cathie and Lindsey Barrows – Dominik Wyss – Aviva Rose-Williams – Theresa Jones – Johna Katz – John Gardiner – Meghan Frank – Kara Starkweather – Todd Badolato – Susan Williams – Anne Herholdt – Samson Y Hiss – David Weiss – Michael Greco

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