A swashbuckling spectacle that plunges a satirical harpoon into the heart of manifest destiny and white privilege from the bow of maritime history and literature. Join Captain Bucko and his scurvy crew, on the crest of the most bountiful whale hunt of their careers. But where does man’s ambition end? How do you lay down your harpoon and bring home the haul when the thrill of the hunt consumes you? Come join the slaughter ye salty dogs! 


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Conceived by: Ross Travis

Devised and Created by: Ross Travis, Amelia Van Brunt and Stephen Buescher

Directed by: Stephen Buescher

Costume Design: Kim Haugen, Ross Travis and Cory Couch

Makeup Design: Amelia Van Brunt

Sound Design: Ross Travis

Set Design: Joan Howard and Miles Pekala

Set Painter: Megan Hillard

Graphic Design: Amelia Van Brunt

Photography: Eric Gillet


Captain Bucko, Vulture, Mr Prat, Mr Clyde, The Norwegians, The Sea Gull, Jimmy Ducks, Crew, Etc: Ross Travis

Generously Funded and Made Possible by the Following Organizations and Individuals:

San Francisco Arts Commission

Zellerbach Family Foundation 


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