Photos on the rubble piles of San Francisco and with the city in the background were shot by Peter Merts (, during the run of Hamlet on Alcatraz with We Players in 2009. Photos on the swinging pole with the army fatigues on as well as the aerial dance photo were taken by Marc J Chalifoux (, during the run of Craniatrium with Firefly Theatre and Circus in 2013. The Black and White Photo and other two photos taken from below were shot by Mark McBeth ( in 2014. Photos in the golden suit in the church were taken by Mark Kitaoka (, at We Players’ annual Gala Fundraiser in 2014. The photo where I am in an X on the pole was taken at the Ei8ht Cabaret at Main Street Theatre in 2014.



Master Lu Yi, San Francisco Circus Center, Ronlin Foreman, Ayla Agarwal, Jory Bell, Jennings McCown, Dominik Wyss, Annie Dugan, John Ullyatt